Toppa Top 10: Hollywood’s Worst Fake Jamaican Accents

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October 11, 2011

Words by LargeUp Crew

With the possible exception of awful Irish faux-brogues and phony Brooklyn I-talian talk, what way of speaking has been more consistently mangled by actors in the last 30 years than the Jamaican accent? Even seasoned professionals seem to have the impression that stringing “mon,” “irie” and “bloodclot” into a coherent sentence equates to passable patois. Just watch how much Robin Williams misses the mark in his occasionally on-point accent marathon. With a little help from our friends Ian Swain and Alanna Stuart from Toronto’s Bonjay, we present the most unintentionallyโ€”and intentionallyโ€”bad Ja-fakin’ accents and worst patois faux-pas.