Pon Di Runway Side: Fashion’s Night Out Gets Gully With Mavado

September 12, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Yofray Ray

We’re in the midst of Fashion Week here in New York, so Fashion Fridays is now Fashion Mondays, Fashion Tuesdays, etc. You can try to run, but you can’t hide from the monster. Nuh stush ting for us, though: we spent “Fashion’s Night Out” Thursday evening chopping it up with Mavado, in a suite at Manhattan’s Yotel. (As it turns out, he went on quite the shopping spree earlier in that day, hitting Alife, Christian Louboutin–for his baby’s mama–and even hunting for a chandelier). Then it was downstairs to the hotel’s lounge for “Married to the Gully,” a Fashion’s Night Out event that paired ‘Vado with female-centric streetwear label Married to the M.O.B. The night was capped with a live performance (including “Last Night,” “Star Bwoy” “Weh Dem A Do” and all of his staple hits) for a crowd that included Shaggy, Cipha Sounds, Jabba, a lot of models and, we’re told, a number of fashion brand execs looking to partner with the singer. We captured the whole thing on film, which we’ll soon be posting in the form of an exclusive webisode. In the meantime, check out some raw footage from the show from our friends at Federation Sound (whose Max Glazer provided the sounds for the event).

Mavado and Married to the M.O.B.’s Leah McSweeny