Sound Geography: Time Out London Notting Hill Carnival Map

August 25, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

After some concern that it might be canceled this year on the heels of recent rioting in London, the annual Notting Hill Carnival will go on as planned this Sunday and Monday, Aug. 28 and 29. As anyone who’s been to the Europe’s biggest Caribbean fete will attest, navigating the streets for the top sounds and foods can be a bit tricky. Those attending this year’s event then should applaud Time Out London (AKA the “OG” Time Out) for putting together an extensive guide to this year’s carnival.

The magazine’s current issue includes a feature package with a detailed report on how the Genesis mas band prepares for carnival, interviews/advice from carnival experts like Ms. Dynamite and Roti King Bernard Jackson, a guide to London’s best Caribbean takeaway spots and an overview of warm-up and after parties. But the most valuable asset is a handy map (see above) pinpointing the position of 39 participating soundystems, from King Tubby’s to Saxon Studio to Major Lazer. The article also includes a key breaking down the resumes, preferred musical styles and choice 2011 tunes from each. Now, if only we could get something this handy and simple for the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn next weekend…