Mission Impawsible: Red Stripe + Storm Saulter’s Jamaican Bear Commercial

August 22, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

Red Stripe has a new advertising campaign, and it stars the elusive Jamaican bear. No, there is no Sasquatch-type urban legend about bears in Jamaica (at least not that we know of). It’s actually a play on words, as Red Stripe’s new slogan is “Jamaican Beer.” But that hasn’t stopped the Caribbean’s most recognizable beer brand from staging a viral marketing campaign that might lead you to think otherwise. OK, well maybe not. The first commercial for the campaignโ€” the handiwork of Storm Saulter, LargeUp friend and director of Jamaican feature film Better Mus Comeโ€”is a little over the top, with a beer-craving bear outwitting Jamaican operatives responding to a break-in at a Red Stripe warehouse. But Red Stripe’s Jamaican Beer Youtube page also includes “footage” of a Jamaican bear in the wild and some very convincing-looking faux news reportage on the break-in. So, yeah, who knows, right? You can even follow the big guy on Twitter at @iamRED_JAbear.