Take Your Bass: Watch Dominican Baseball Star Jose Reyes’ New Reggaeton Video

July 26, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer

A few weeks ago, we told you about Dominican baseball star Jose Reyes’ burgeoning and, given his sports section cover boy status, somewhat underpublicized reggaeton career. Well, now the current New York Mets shortstop and soon-to-be-free agent (No. 4 on our list of Toppa Top 10 Caribbean baseball players!) has dropped his debut video, for a posse cut called “No Hay Amigo” featuring established reggaetoneros Voltio, Vakero, Poeta Callajero and singer Big Mato. The clip, which turned up on Youtube last week, shows Reyes running the bases, giving a youngster batting pointers, driving through what looks like a Long Island subdivision in a white convertible, and dropping some melodic, Autotune-aided rhymes in a driveway, as well as footage of trophies, Reyes-bearing billboards and such from D.R. Deadspin and MSNBC have picked up the story of Jose’s side hustle but, if by some chance, Reyes becomes the first professional athlete to actually make a successful go of a rap career, remember where you heard about it first.