Bus Can Dance: BlackGold Crew Demonstrate the “Nobody Canna Cross It”

June 24, 2011

Words by DJ Gravy, Photo by Georgia Blake

If you go to dancehall parties in New York City, you’ve surely noticed this dance crew called BlackGold. They’re seriously out repping their squad like nobody’s business. The trio consists of Hanna Herbertson, a Swedish choreographer of Korean descent, and Korie Genius and Kendell Hinds (AKA H1st0ry). Always up to di time with their seemingly effortless movements and lighthearted vibe, the crew has sprung into action with a new dance inspired by Jamaica’s first major viral Youtube remix. The “Nobody Canna Cross It” video has become an instant classic in the nine days since it first showed up online, and the dance stands to add to the legend,ย  thoroughly illustrating concerned resident Clifton Brown’s twang-heavy story about how floods swept away a bridge crossing the Yallahs River in St. Thomas, Jamaica.