First Name Basis: Theophilus London x MTV x GQ

June 22, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

It’s not so much a question any more whether Theophilus London is on his way to becoming just Theophilus; a one word icon along the lines of Madonna, Drake etc, etc. The question is moreso: pop music or style icon? Musically the best thing about the vid for “Last Name London” which premiered on MTV2 yesterday (watch below) is “PoPo in the back” wailing away in the spirit of their sole taqwacore jam “Final Fight.” But more people seem to be talking about his costume change, from overdressed-on-the-ballcourt-ala-Prince to Rhythm-Nation-dancer-done-good. You too can absorb his swagger-magic by noting where he cops his socks, stetsons, LVRS hats, dead-stock shirts, medium-dooky gold chains, laptop bag and jeweled cheetah pins in this list of 10 Essentials as told to GQ mag the other week. Mostly Texas, it turns out, plus a little bit of SF. What we really want to know is: whats the best vintage shop in Trinidad?