Gully Business: Mavado Launches New Label With ‘Delilah’

May 24, 2011

Words by Jesse Serwer


Mavado isn’t the sort of artist we can picture packing his lunch into a briefcase and squinting at contracts through his glasses all day but the Gully Gad has nonetheless used his star (bwoy) power to form his own label, Mansion Records. The first release on the imprint (which, Mavado told the Jamaica Star, may also be releasing music from Assassin and Munga) is “Delilah,” a single released today to iTunes. The track, produced by Mavado and Logwood Productions and released in two different (yet very similar) mixes by Stephen McGregor and Jeremy Harding, might be Mavado’s most pop tune to date, his distinctive vocals offering the only hint that it was crafted in Jamaica and not LA or Atlanta. With summer almost upon us and no new reggae/dancehall tunes making any major impact on U.S. radio, we can picture this sliding into the Hot 97 playlists of the world with the quickness of a Drake and Trey Songz combination.

In even more encouraging news, we hear that ‘Vado has tapped Better Mus Come director Storm Saulter (Check our exclusive webisode with him here) to direct what is sure to be an epic video for “Delilah.” We also hear Mr. Brooks has been spending time with Diplo, who is working on a remix for “Delilah” and wrapping up production on Major Lazer’s sequel to Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do in Jamaica. While you wait for the fruits of those top-ranking collabos, head over to iTunes to purchase “Delilah” or sample both mixes of the tune below: