Like A Champion: Haitian Teen Touted as Next Venus

May 18, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via CNN

15-year old Haiti-to-Atlanta transplant Vickie Duval is being touted by some as the next Venus Williams, a potential tennis champion with the athleticism and all-around game to go the far distance on the clay court. Better yet, from the media’s POV, she has an epic back-story to go with her outsized talent. We won’t give it away but it involves, of course, the Haiti earthquake of 2010, which trapped her father under the rubble of his medical practice in Port-Au-Prince (get the full story in this CNN feature below). Although Vickie has only played in one WTA tournament as a wild card and it’s a long road to Wimbledon, but her future is already stunna shade-bright. Either way, we’ll be in the stands.