Bashment Alert: Rice & Peas 4-Year Anniversary

May 2, 2011

Words by LargeUp Crew


It’s hard to believe time’s gone by this quickly but tonight marks the fourth anniversary of New York’s Rice & Peas bashment. We’re not just saying this because R&P mastermind DJ Gravy is the man who makes things happen here at LargeUp HQ but the Monday-night monthly has grown before our eyes into NYC’s most important dancehall party. Simply put, Rice & Peas succeeds where other Manhattan club nights fail by bringing the authentic vibes of an outer-borough bashment into a centrally located Downtown setting, allowing for a mixture of demographics you just don’t get anywhere else.

Tonight is the guest-list only party’s second installment at its new home at Tammany Hall on the Lower East Side and, in addition to the usual DJ crew of Gravy, Max Glazer, DJ Maya, Micro Don, Orijahnal Vibez and Weed Kalogne, the talent roster includes Skerrit Bwoy (who was politicking with hipsters at Rice & Peas way before Diplo tapped him for Major Lazer) and DJ Norie of Power 105. Jamerican streetwear brand RepJA (check Wiz Khalifa wearing their ‘Gully’ tee on the cover of this month’s Complex) will also be in the house with giveaways.

And you never know who’s gonna crash this partyโ€”Sean Paul and Shaggy are among the dancehall luminaries known to show up and, if you heard who Max Glazer brought to last Thursday night’s Brand New Machine party, you might even think bigger. As always, it’s an exclusive, guest-list only event, so make sure you come to the door correct (fellas, that means at least a few ladies).