Untold Stories: New Afro Latinos Documentary Series

April 19, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Our man in Miami Walshy Fire just put me up on this new documentary series which focuses on the African roots of modern Latin culture. Goes without saying that the Caribbean is at the heart of this topic and just from the trailer it’s obvious the show will feature heavy doses of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican and even Haitian culture as well as glimpses into black Colombia, Guatamala, Honduras and Panama (which, the trailer suggests, might be the birthplace of Rastafarianism?). The filmmakers don’t business about the fact that they are setting out to rewrite the eurocentric version of Latin American history as it’s currently taught. And rightly so. After all, as Buju said, the full has never been told. It seems this is slated to air sometime later this year, though it’s not clear what channel or network as yet. Meantimes, watch the trailer below and get more info here and here.