Mixtape Mondays: Wildlife!, Prince Zimboo, Delly Ranx, Close Connections

April 18, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton and Jesse Serwer

MM 3

Blondtron f. Prince Zimboo, Bouncin’ Bush Stew (via Mad Decent): If you’ve heard Major Lazer’s Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do, you’ve already been tickled–or offended–by “African” deejay Prince Zimboo. One of several comical alter egos of Jamaican producer Asani Morris, Zimboo has turned up more frequently lately, even voicing a tune on Federation Sound’s brand-new Flatlands riddim. Our Mad Decent connect Jillionaire alerted us to Bouncin’ Bush Stew, a collaboration between Morris and Canadian DJ Blondtron. Mostly, the tape showcases Blondtron’s eclectic tastes: She blends Ace of Base’s “All that She Wants” and “Teach Me How to Dougie,” and makes several pitstops in Africa (Spoek Mathambo, Dr Alban’s “Hello Afrika”). Zimboo serves primarily as host, offering absurd commentary (“Heh, Blondtron, you run naked with me in the bush in a porcupine quill thong, hehโ€”it is a security feature, that way you will be not attacked by any wild creature”). Listen to the end, though, for a handful of original tunes, like the hilarious faux-culture tune “Manners” (“You used to live in the country mining bauxite/Then you come to di town, and sell your backside…It’s not right”). Get the tracklisting here, read Jillionaire’s commentary here, and download at either.

Close Connections, Mas Mondays: Keep the Carnival vibe alive with the Close Connections crew rundown od the 2011 season. Download here.

Delly Ranx, Born as A Toppa Toppa Mixtape (via Riddimstream): Prolific deejay and producer Delly (we don’t have room for his whole resume here!) goes the mixtape route, to our benefit. Download it here.

Wildlife! Truancy Volume 27 (via Truants blog): Swiss producer Wildlife! just did this blend for the Truancy series which sets off with Vybz, Chan Dizzy, Gappy Ranks and a grip of other LargeUp favs before heading into moombahton, Diplo & Douster and some of his own excellent productions. Stream below and read a Q&A with his top 5 current dancehall tracks and other tidbits.