Pass The Torch: Cedella Marley x PUMA x 2012 Olympics

March 11, 2011

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


As you may (or may not) know, Jamaica’s track team is a lightning-fast force not to be played with. With all eyes on superstar Usain Bolt the 2012 Olympics in London will surely feel like a Kingston stage show once the JA athletes hit the tracks–a highly anticipated moment in Olympic history. And who better to outfit the team with some wicked garms for this auspicious occasion than a Marley? Cedella Marley, that is.

Between Distant Relatives, Marley Coffee headed up by Rohan and the anticipation around Stephen Marley’s forthcoming Revelations project The Marley Children are on fire these days. Now in comes big sister Cedella to also rep JA on the world stage, and in an honorable and humble fashion that does the island and her family name proud:

Understandably we’re only getting a glimpse of the creative process and the designs in the above promo. Still, the input of Puma alone is enough to paint a vivid mental picture of our Jamaican superheroes flashing and dashing around London next summer. Puma has proven a number of times that they understand Jamaica (remember this ad –or how about these ?) so a Marley-Puma collaboration makes perfect sense…and might just be enough to make Bolt’s catch a fire next summer.

R and CM