Fashion Fridays: Shimmy Shimmy x Shabba Ranks


Pixels cross the Atlantic at the speed of light (or at least the speed of dial-up) while physical package tek the slow boat. Which is why even though dancehall-friendly Shimmy Shimmy blog launched itself as a printed zine called No Ice Cream Sound at the end of last year, we didn’t get our oily fingerprints on it til 2011. But this is not a late post on No Ice Cream Sound (don’t get it jumble; NIS is a fine publication featuring our favorite new wave dancehall queen Natalie Storm interviewed by our other favorite new wave dancehall queen Erin Hansen, contributions from LargeUp UK correspondent Gabriel Heatwave plus a top 15 list of artists named ‘Ranks’ that’s right up our gully–and if you’re in New York you should proceed directly to Deadly Dragon and cop yourself one while supplies last). No, this is an early-out post on the recently announced news that the fools behind Shimmy Shimmy will be printing a 2nd run of their limited edition Shabba tee (did we mention this cat is everywhere this year?) a fine addition to the closet of any dancehall nerd. Word is they’ll be available soon at their online shop, so keep hitting refresh so as to cop the second the pixels say, Go. Cause while we applaud NIS/Shimmy for taking a break from the matrix and re-entering three-dimensional space, airmail does take mad long (More pics of the tee after the jump).