Super Soca: Tiny Winey + “Black & Yellow” Poirier refix

March 3, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


We don’t usually cover local events on here but as long we are covering local events (see previous post) we have to give a bligh to the Tiny Winey soca party kicking off tomorrow in the LES. I am mentioning this not just because co-host Rishi Bonneville is a regular contributor and de facto soca editor here at LargeUp. Not even because it began life as a monthly guest-spot for resident selector D-Life (Massive B) at the Re-Opened Fridays dancehall party downstairs at Santos, which has basically been our living room for the past year or two. No, I am posting it here because this is, to my knowledge, the very first Manhattan monthly completely dedicated to soca, which takes it out of the ‘local parties’ and ‘homeboy network’ categories and puts it into ‘historical events’. (See? i tagged it as History. If you know different or are old enough to remember spots like Demararas, feel free to correct me in the comments).

Anyway, if you’re not already in Trinidad for Carnival, this is probably where you’re going to want to be tomorrow. Just like when the World Cup is in Africa for the 1st time, there’s only two places to be: 1) Africa, or failing that 2) a bar in New York full of Africans waving flags. Except in this case we are talking about the World Cup of Whine and you are much more likely to meet the mother/father of your future pickney than to get a vuvuzela broken over your head in a fight about Zinedine Zidane or Morgan Freeman’s depiction of Mandela. Or what have you.

So just to get you in the mood for more sports metaphors (gameface, anybody?) I am also posting Poirier’s brand new soca refix of the superbowl anthem “Black & Yellow” below:


And since it’s Throwback Thursdays I guess I’ll throw in the Byron Lee 12″ “Tiny Winey” which inspired the name (or knowing Rishi, maybe it was “Taini Waini“) along with the flyer info after the jump: