Custom Fit: Ralph Lauren x Jamaica Polo Team

February 11, 2011

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


It’s Fashion Week here in New York and creativity is blowing all through the air. And not just the centrally-heated air of the various designer events but the brick cold air outdoors as well because in NYC every sidewalk is a runway. I always look forward to spotting the true and understated fashion forwards passing by me on the avenues of the city, game recognizing game with a slight nod between the flyest gals and the most dapper of dons. So consider this little piece of rockers intel to be our tip of the hat to you: CUSTOMIZABLE JAMAICAN POLO TEAM SHIRTS FROM RALPH LAUREN.

Flag on the right and custom monogram on the back

How you mean, you never know Jamaica had a Polo Team? Did you think track star Usain Bolt or Sanka and the bobsledding team were the limit? Jamaica is full of talent–in fact, one of the country’s star Polo players, Andy Vernon, is an accomplished reggae musician, dreadlocks and all. But that’s another story.ย For now you can visit the Ralph Lauren site and choose from a number of customizable Polo team shirts. Producing custom pieces for the average consumers is a growing and much-appreciated trend. I’d say Nike i.d. was the first to do it right and Polo has followed suit with the Create Your Own Collection. These shirts are a great gift idea mainly because you can have a monogram embroidered on the back (but we won’t judge you if you go the selfish route.)


Just choose your custom details wisely. We of course, second the Jamaica shirt–but we may see more options soon. The combo of the horse-and-rider logo with the rep-your-flag mentality of Eastern Parkway is guaranteed to sell off in the West Indian diaspora andย it’s actually not the first time cousin Ralphie has flirted with Caribbean culture. The signs are everywhere; the color schemes they use every summer run parallel to the hues painted on colonial homes and buildings throughout the islands and I recently spotted bottles of the Jamaican Lager, Red Stripe beer incorporated into the visual display at one of my new favorite spots, Rugby (an offshoot of the Ralph Lauren Company).


So at the end of the day, if you build it they will come. I’m looking forward to the team over at Ralph Lauren launching a cricket-inspired line. In fact, If the Rugby brand is any indication, they can just call it Cricket. The opportunities for success are far and wide given the sport’s global popularity, especially in the West Indies and among the diaspora. Ah…I can see me now, chillin’ like a villain, liming at a tournament in St. Vincent or St. Lucia–or any island prefixed by a saint, really–I’ll be sporting a summer-weight Kangol, shades, custom off-white Clarks of some unique sort and a fitted polo shirt with my favorite cricket team flag/logo. Lo-Lifes, eat your heart out.