Mixtape Mondays: Bob Marley, Bogle and Machel Montano

February 7, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


There’s basically two types of people in this world; those for whom February 6th was Superbowl Sunday and those for whom it was Bob Marley’s birthday. But whichever camp you found yourself in yesterday, come Monday February 7th, Bob once again trumps Aaron Rogers. Because whether your hangover is due to secondhand ganja-smoke and no sleep or to chest-bumps, excessive beer and a nine-yard hoagie, a Marley tribute mix makes for much better medicine than reruns of the Packers spanking the Steelers.

Safar-I Sound, A Tribute to Bob Marley, The King of Reggae (via soundcloud): What can you really say about Bob Marley that hasn’t been said already? To paraphrase a recent tribute to Fela Kuti, let’s just say Bob was reggae. He lived reggae and he definitely smoked reggae. Inhale here.

DJ Tony Tempo, Bacchanal Radio 2/2/11 (via PodOmatic): Tony Tempo is quickly becoming a regular in this space with his consistently hype soca podcasts. But this one stands out for the debut of Machel Montano’s “Advantage”–a clear Road March contender (more on those soon). Mash out here.

Heatwave Crew, Rinse Radio Tribute to Bogle, the Greatest Dancer (via Heatwave): Our UK correspondents recently put down this tribute to another reggae legend. Father Bogle may not loom as large on the world stage but he in his own way may prove to be almost as influential and definitely deserves our recognition. Luckily, millions of dancers performing his trademark steps worldwide make it easy to celebrate his legacy. Get the mix, video of Bogle catching the spirit and other Heatrocks here.