Mixtape Mondays: Mr. Vegas, Chan Dizzy & Electric Punanny

January 31, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, photo by Tone


Good morning, um, afternoon. This would have been posted earlier but I have one of them love hangovers this Monday. If you feel the way I feel, people, you need an herbal remedy. But since alka-seltzer and such are still not downloadable, we put the lime in the audio coconut for whatever personal Monday Madness you have going on. Take three and call Dr. Evil in the morning:

Melo-X & Jasmine Solano, Official Electric Punanny Mixtape: a new clash-up from LargeUp homies Jasmine and Melo-X, this is basically a portable version of the Electric Punanny party, the kid-sister of Rice n’ Peas which combines dancehall with a nowadays electro aesthetic. The mix celebrates three years of Jasmine and crew shocking your pussy on Monday nights at Sway and other downtown spots. Not surprisingly it is heavy on the “wreck a pumpum” tunes, especially from the vagina-centric TNT crew aka Badda Badda Gals. And that’s copastetic with us. Stream it here.

Chan Dizzy x Eccentrix Soundsystem, Dizzyness (via Riddimstream): Chan Dizzy is the newest artist on the set in Jamaica and the protege of Russian, the newest producer on the set (more on him soon). US-based sound Eccentrix compiles Chan tunes for Russian, Purple Skunk and others into a teaser mix for a forthcoming project. Download it here.

DJ Arems, Best of Mr. Vegas mix: Following up strong on his all-Shinehead mix, Canada’s DJ Arems clocks in with this run-through of Vegas tunes to commemorate their joint onstage appearance in Vancouver last Tuesday. Covers the full 90s-til-now spectrum of Vegas’ output, launching with “Nike Air” and closing with “Sweet Jamaica.” Along the way is one bag of hits and some slept-on gems–including what may be the most slept-on raphall crossover ever: Vegas, Sean Paul and DMX’s “Here Comes the Boom” from the Belly Soundtrack. Download here.