Mixtape Mondays: Renaissance, Kartel, Murlo and More

January 24, 2011

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Monday, Monday. Cyaan truss that dayyyyy! A good mixtape, though, can be an important part of a trust-building exercise, the kind of cathartic experience that can make coworkers into teammates, forging bonds that will see you through til Friday, when the love really flows. So press a button (play):

DJ Christuff, Renaissance Disco Presents the Mad Yute (via LARGE UP!) Mans from Jamaica’s premier soundsystem Renaissance hit us up on facebook to share this new mix of rap and dancehall hybridization, appropriate since Renaissance selectors like Delano basically pioneered that idea (from the Jamaican side at least). Download it here. Tracked version will be forthcoming so hit us up on facebook to get it.

Federation Sound, Podcast #184 aka The All-Kartel Dubplate Special (via Federation blog) Max and Kenny of world-famous Federation Sound have been supporters of the Kartel since he was a cartel of one. They known him so long he was still black (jokes!) and they have the dubs to prove it. Now that he has blown the fuck up they decided to dig into the acetates and bless us with a heap of exclusive material. Get it here and while you’re ducking to the Feddy Gov, check the feature on classic Kenny Meez yellow-label remixes over at our kissing cousin Vinyl Mondays.

DJ Murlo, Mix for Palms Out (via Seen): Our Deutschland doopses over at Seen put us up on this DJ Murlo dancehall banger with forays into rapso and grime. Starts out strong with a Lady Saw intro and jumps straight into the might Cosa Nostra riddim (can’t be mad at Ward, Shadetek and Bunji on the same set). Get it here or here.

DJ Umb, Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep (via Mad Decent) Longtime supporters of Caribbean music and everything else in a tropical vein, Umb from the Generation Bass blog just dropped this compilation, which takes dub reggae’s mutant offspring (dubstep) and mutates it further by combining it with a rogue’s gallery of international sounds from London to the Miggle East. Stream or Download it here.

Jillionaire Juice, Tropicanada aka Plugcast #13 (via Plugged Not Thugged): Finishing up in style, our trinitech stalwart Jillionaire Chris put together this mix for the PNT blog, which will surely be your thing if you want to hear Lil Rick and Machel Montano get mad up over Brazilian berimbau and Baltimore drums. Get plugged here.