Grind Mode: Marley Coffee x DeScribe

December 17, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Rohan Marley and DeScribe (right) at a recent "Harmony Conference"

In the past few months we have blogged about the emergence of Marley Organic Coffee and the distinctive mix of Rasta and Hasidic Jewish culture that gives Crown Heights (hell, Brooklyn) its unique flavor. Well now those two stories have become one story. Apparently Shneur “DeScribe” Hasofer–an observant Lubavitcher Hasid and rapper who has made his name with songs promoting racial unity–randomly struck up a convo with Rohan Marley on Broadway one day and bonded–possibly impressing him with his Irish-sounding impression of patois.


Seriously, though Marley and DeScribe have more in common than one might at first assume. Hasofer also grew up in the shadow of a musical family and saw a lot of the world at a young age–touring with his mother as a child, serving in the Israeli Defense Forces in his teens and bringing the Wu Tang Clan to Israel as a young entrepreneur. The end result of that chance encounter was the new track “Living for the Grind” (listen below and watch a behind the scenes video after the jump) which is being touted as the official theme song for Marley Coffee:

[audio:|titles=Livin for the Grind (Marley Coffee)]

So, just to sum up: Rasta and Jew walk into a Soho bar and come out with a plan to usher in a new era of spirituality, harmony between the races and delicious coffee. Which brings to mind the words of another anthem: There’s nothing you can’t do / cause now you’re in Neewww Yooooork!