Fashion Forwards: The Style of Passa Passa

November 16, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Kingston Style


It must be true that you never miss the water until your well runs dry because now that the legendary Wednesday night (Thursday morning, really) street dance called Passa Passa has been discontinued–due to the state of emergency that was recently declared in Kingston’s Tivoli Gardens community–it seems like it’s finally being recognized as the cultural phenomenon it is (was?). Making something out of nothing, crossing political lines, defying both the biological laws of sleep and any reasonable life-expectancy for a weekly party, Passa Passa not only changed the way Jamaicans thought about themselves but attracted pleasure-seekers and film crews from Toronto to Tokyo. Kingston Style just posted these pics documenting the hallucinatory fashion the event became famous for, and FADER recently posted a thought-provoking interview with Swatch International’s Dylan Powe. Next thing you know it will be getting it’s own book. It is, actually…but more on that soon! More pics after the jump: