Astro-Guyanese: Eddie Hooper’s Caribbean Space Disco

November 15, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Ghetto Bassquake

Arctic Ocean Midnight Sun

The tropical scientists over at Ghetto Bassquake just put us up on this brilliant reissue from Guyanese soca and soul giant Eddie Hooper, getting spacey on the Caribbean disco masterpiece “Pass it On.” It’s being reissued by the redoubtable Soundway records (who have gotten fame lately for their Nigeria Special highlife comps) and like your geography teacher could have probably told you, it sounds about halfway between Trinidad and Brazil–specifically the foundational soca of Lord Shorty and the alien-friendly 70s Brazilian soul that Tim Maia put down on his legendary LP Racional. Remember, you heard it here first. Unless you heard it at Ghetto Bassquake first, in which case, LARGE UP to them!