Oh My: Vampires, Informers and Elephant Man

October 29, 2010

Words by J. Rockaz


Boogidy boogidy BOO! It’s Thriller time once again my friends and that means you got to get your “Boogie On” on the dancefloor and elsewhere, ’cause otherwise …BOO! (got you again). Let’s face it, there will always be a soundtrack for the shadows and darkness of a truly foggy All Hallows Eve. Those of us who appreciate this spooky time of year also love a song that slaps the fangs out of Dracula’s mouth and sends Jason and Freddie running through the streets crying for their mamas. Enter the rudeboys of Subatomic Sound (NYC) and Peopleโ€™s Records (JA) with a fresh musical mix.

The star of the show is energy god Elephant Man, showcasing his lyrical duppy-killer skills upon riddim after riddim in the mix entitled “Vampires and Informers”–fit for October 31st, indeed. Normally, I’d run Peter Tosh’s “Vampire” and Demarco’s “Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten” to help me conquer my Halloween fears. Still, I’ll be bumping this mix all through the weekend and thereafter. The project features riddims from a number of producers including, Subatomic Sound System, Dubblestandart, Stereotyp, Ming (of Ming&FS), and Kush Arora. The music ranges from roots to dancehall to dubstep and back again…It’s an all around good listen with Elephant Man’s lyrics painting a picture of a bizarro-world Jamaica as a cesspool for bloodsuckers and other blackheart types .

So, Yea tho’ I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil, vampires and informers notwithstanding. Enjoy all the tricks this weekend and you can support this musical treat on iTunes. You can also check it via soundcloud or watch the you-chube version below: