Rock is cool: Miike Snow goes to Jamaica

October 6, 2010

Words by Martei Korley
Miike Snow_painted

Swedish rockers Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg were childhood friends and grew up playing in bands and working on various projects in studios throughout Gรถteborg (thatโ€™s Gothenburg too the rest of us) Swedenโ€™s second city and home of both Volvo and Hasselblad.

After separate moves to the capital, Stockholm, they rejoined forces and became a production powerhouse under the moniker Bloodshy & Avant with credits including Britney Spears (they won a Grammy for best dance track with โ€œToxicโ€), Kylie Minogue and Kelis. Teaming up with a third band member, American Andrew Wyatt, they also opted for a new cool name: Miike Snow.

They quickly gained an underground buzz in the UK after releasing the single โ€œAnimalโ€ from the 2009 eponymous album debut. This led to them remixing tracks for a bunch of other groups, including Passion Pit, Kings of Leon and Peter, Bjorn and John and they themselves were remixed by a host of others.

Why is this interesting to LargeUp? Because these dudes even remixed Jamaica to their soundtrack. The video for their track โ€œRabbitโ€, directed by Andreas Nilsson, ย is almost surrealist in scope and reminiscent of Gnarls Barkley in our opinion–only spiced up with some Jโ€™can style, replete with house-trained goats, Too Live Crew visions on Hellshire beach and dancers Mystique and Fiya too!!