This is the Way: Exclusive Spragga Benz Album Release Party

August 30, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Two things. First off, the new Spragga Benz video “This is The Way,” which eloquently explores the shotta side of his brand new Shotta Culture project–which you have probably heard us mention once or twice–demonstrating the proper way to hold a nine and also making extensive use of bumba-cam technology to give you a good cross-section of current styles in women’s swimwear at his poolside bashy. More importantly, the beat is one of the illest yet, showcasing producer Salaam Remi’s trademark hiphop-reggae fusion. Its backbone is a grimy crime-fiction piano vamp reminiscent in feel of Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story,” but backed up with a sizzling ska-ish rhythm section that recalls the best of Spragga’s back-catalog with tunes like “PumPum Conqueror”–watch the full video below!

Next thing: we are proud to be supporting the official release event for Shotta Culture tomorrow evening at Santos Party House featuring our own DJ Gravy alongside friends of the blog Max Glazer and Kenny Meez of Federation soundsystem. It should be noted that this is an invite-only press event and NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. On the other hand, if you are a legitimate member of the press or otherwise qualify as a real-McKoy tastemaker or cultural trendsetter please RSVP to –but keep in mind that you MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRM of your RSVP to gain entry. Please don’t just come through and expect a seat at the pool-party. That is not the way.