Gyptian, Usain Bolt and Queen Elizabeth II

August 9, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


No, they did not record a singjay combination (which would be headlined Gyptian x Usain x The Queen–or maybe the Good the Fast and the Queen?) they all just happen to figure in Jamaica-related news items this week and I thought I would cover them in one Monday round-up. Because I know if i space them out into separate posts, all my Vincys and Trinis and Haitians will be emailing and saying I don’t give them equal love.

So Jamaica, no long talking: First of all, happy Independence Day and beacoups respects to Queen Elizabeth II, still technically the Queen of Jamaica (and, it turns out, part ‘gyptian? Six degrees!). It was officially Aug. 6th but all weekend in observance so hopefully you have slept it off and recovered enough by now to stop cursing the name of Mr. Wray and Mr. Nephew. The hangover continues though, because while you were splashing out, Usain Bolt, the most famous living son of Jamaica, had his time beaten by American Tyson Gay in Stockholm. Badman nuh inna that on so many different levels. Bolt did not seem too pressed about the fact that he is at least temporarily no longer the Fastest Man Alive, saying “This is my easy season. If you don’t beat me this season it’s not gonna happen next year because next year is a championship year.”

On the bright side though, LargeUp and Billboard-favorite Gyptian has leaked word that he will be joining Nas and Damian Marley on their Distant Relatives tour dates, starting with the August 24th stop in Charlotte, NC. So there is that.