Clean Seen: Ladies Summer Tees

August 4, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Seen has just unveiled a new lookbook featuring ladies-first versions of their world-renowned tees for the summer, available exclusively on their online shop until next week when they hit ramping shops and other regular-ass shops. Ladies, you should cop these because if anything is sexier than an uplifting message combined with bold eye-catching graphics, it is an uplifting message combined with bold eye-catching graphics right above a nice innie bellybutton or hanging off a bared shoulder. You may also want to look into the pre-order thing considering that Nas probably just tripled the demand for the “Word Sound Power” model by rocking the OG men’s version on his “Distant Relatives” stageshows with Damian Marley. Which is appropriate, because–let’s be real–his word-sounds have more power than most.