Dynamic Duo: Red Fox & Screechy Dan’s new combination tune, “Fall In Love”

July 20, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy


Click here to download “Fall In Love”

These days, tunes come and go, new tunes replace ’em, auto tune gets turned up more and more til you can barely differentiate between countless T-Pain inspired artists. But once upon a time, in the 90’s, you had to have lyrics, melodies and style, and you HAD to be able to perform live. Heavyweights, Red Fox and Screechy Dan cut their teeth in this era, they came up with Shaggy, Rayvon and the whole Big Yard camp. They’re all known for being hard workers and serious about their careers.

With tunes like their classic combo “Pose Off” plus hits like “Big Bills”, Down In Jamaica” and the monstrous “Big Up” all still play at parties around the world with tipsy girls happily singing along. These kinda tunes are timeless!

There must be some justice in the world as these two have come together again to bring us their latest installment, “Fall In Love”. The tune is refreshing and reminds us of a time before Ipods and Blackerrys (blackberries?). Its early 90’s Dancehall feel is actually courtesy of a German producer that (ironically) captures that Yard Riddim vibe as current JA producers use German sounding techno synths and sounds!