Wayne Marshall featuring Mavado in “My Heart”

July 10, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy

Back in mid April, we brought the exclusive story on Drake’s trip to Jamaica to shoot the music video for “Find Your Love“, in which Mavado plays the badman who wants to shoot Drake over one of his girls. The video was an instant #1 on MTV, complete with Mavado ramblin’ in patois (surprisingly) without any subtitles!

It seems only logical that Mavado would follow up with a similar type of tune, but instead it was Wayne Marshall, with the help of producer, Baby G, that enlisted the Gully God’s vocal talents for “My Heart”. The video’s director, Storm Saulter, (look out for our upcoming exclusive with him) is also behind a major Jamaican film coming out soon called Better Mus’ Come.ย  The video is definitely making waves already with its quadra framed sequences following boy meets girl at photo shoot, girl moves in with boy, they live the good life, then things happen that mess with Wayne’s heart, Mavado offers some friendly advice and sympathy through telling his own experiences with scandalous gyals!ย  Let’s see if this one makes 106 and Park…