Spice Drum: Theophilus on “Cooking with the Band”

June 30, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Va$htie.com


Trini-twins Theophilus London and Va$htie Kola continued their be-everywhere campaign by popping up on chef Sam Mason’s “Cooking with the Band” show on IFC last night. The menu of course was Caribbean-inspired, including Calypso porterhouse and a dranks-recipe for the Dark & Humdrum cocktail–which we can only assume inspired the Theoph’s signature tune “Humdrum Town,” one way or the other.

Better yet, Theophilus ripped up the veil on an unreleased banger called “Feelings Involved.” Check the video below–my ear detects the subtle influence of manager and ex-FADER editor Knox Robinson ’cause it sounds like Mr. London has graduated from after-school mixtape joints and is out-jacking the BLK JKS on a fully developed post-racial alternative rock jam. Either way we love it like cooked food.