Wah Do Dem: The Film, The Screening and the Brooklyn Block Party

June 10, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy

This coming Tuesday, June 15th is the premier screening of “Wah Do Dem“, a film that follows a Williamsburg hipster on a wild misadventure traveling across Jamaica.ย  The main character’s humble nature brings a realness as he’s clearly not the typical Hollywood hero, but you’re definitely cheering for him through his challenging journey!

The movie is loaded with cameos, from Grammy winning musician Norah Jones playing the girlfriend role, to Mr. Lexx (as himself) and a crucial nyabinghi groundation scene with artists Ras Micheal and the original Congos.ย  The film’s soundtrack follows the Willy B x Jamdown theme with MGMT, Santogold and The Suckers to hold down the hipster side, then Mykal Rose, Mr Lexx and The Congos…

The film has been really well received, the Los Angeles Film Festival awarded it with “Best Narrative Featureโ€and it also won “Best International Feature” at Jamaica’s Reggae Film Festival (as mentioned in recent LU post with 77Klash).


In preparation for the NYC debut screening, this Sunday there will be a block party right outside BAM in Downtown Brooklyn.ย  Brooklyn based DJs and artists will be taking the massive on a journey through Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep and various Tropical sound scapes in celebration of the premier Wah Do Dem screening coming up this Tuesday.