Surra de Bunda: Brazil Daggers Backward?

June 9, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Always our dude for spotting Latin-culture trends as they wing their way northward via the ultimate trans-shipment point of Miami, Walshy Fire was the first to put us up on the Brazilian craze called Surra de Bunda–a phenomenon which can only be described as the baile funk reverse-dagger assface dance. As soon as we saw the video (must-see TV, watch after the jump!) we knew we had to get the reaction of world-famous safe daggering expert Skerrit Bwoy.

But before we could even get Skerrit to pick up the Major Lazer emergency hotline, the youTube clipe went mainstream LOLcat web-meme on us when Jon Stewart aired it on his Comedy Central show last night as the punchline to a bit about Obama’s handling of the oil spill (easy, Stew-beef, spill or no spill, we need Barack!)–and then reeled it back for the “Moment of Zen”!

From Brazil’s ass to God’s ears, so to speak. As Walshy said today he’s put so many people up that “ girl saw Jon Stewart and was like ‘Honey! Your clip!'” For the record that is NOT Walshy taking a pumpum to the face in the clip (does look a little like him, though, so the confusion is natural) but it IS him controlling the radio set in the newest Gyptian video. Know your Walshes.

In any case, the authentic Surra de Bunda dance seems to be a kind of bad-gal’s revenge or answer record to the caribbean style of daggering and happens to go with the biggest funk anthem of the moment (Walshy: “It’s just so many Brazilians down here and every time I go to the favela funk club, they get mad pon dah chune deh!”). So naturally we thought we’d get some play-by-play analysis from Skerrit, maybe some tips on how to avoid a broken nose or whiplash from a bundista with a particularly crushing ankle-grip. But when his response came today he was apparently so distressed by the total violation of the spirit of daggering–not to mention all known laws of badman conduct–that this behavior represents, all he could manage was this:

“Worst thing I ever seen in my human life!”

That dude is a poet.