Gyptian, “Nah Let Go” Video (Hold Yuh pt. 2)

June 2, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


A lot of people have been quietly saying that Gyptian didn’t have a record in him worthy to follow-up “Hold Yuh,” clearly positioned to be the Caribbean crossover jam of the summer. The song, people said, off the record, was bigger than the artist. This new video, though, might just put a stop to the backchat.ย  “Nah Let Go” manages to include all the elements–infectious lover’s rock melody, electro-pop synths that would feel at home on any dancefloor and the teenager-in-love earnestness of Gyptian’s trademark phrasing–that bust “Hold Yuh”–all the while managing to be a completely distinct song, despite the “Part 2” sub-title. Too soon to say whether it has the same kind of legs on it but “Nah let Go” has already gotten forwards from the Heatwave crew–tastemakers to the UK dancehall and funky scene who were instrumental in breaking “Hold Yuh” in the club. If this keeps up, dread might actually live up to the R. Kelly-meets-Gregory Isaacs potential that had us all so amped when “Serious Times” and “Beautiful Lady” first dropped. Of course, truth be told, it was hard to hear those people over the plaintive, minimal keyboard stabs of “Hold Yuh” pumping out of every jeep and SUV rolling down Myrtle avenue (and Broadway and Flatbush and Queens boulevard…) but you can check the official video below and judge for yourself: