Safe Daggering: Skerrit Bwoy Instructional Video

May 10, 2010

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


My colleagues over at FADER mag just debuted the Major Lazer-branded daggering instructional video hosted by Largeup homie-for-life and everybody’s favorite Antiguan madman Skerrit Bwoy.

The good Major restricts himself to dropping pearls of “Don’t be a fool, stay in school” type wisdom in between reps, while Skerrit bawls out the play-by-play on his signature moves, proving that cartoons don’t dagger but daggerers can bend backwards and jump off ladders like the best Itchy and/or Scratchy. There’s really not much more to say about this thing except that the clunky animation and awkward soundwipes just add to the yo-joe cult appeal, putting Skerrit firmly in the pantheon of pop culture collectibles, right between your Snake Eyes filecard and your Mr. T talking doll. For real, though. Stay in school, kids.