Mama Used to Say

May 9, 2010

Words by Jesse Serwer

For my money, British R&B singer Junior Giscombe‘s “Mama Used to Say” is one of the most crucial—and original—tributes to motherly wisdom, right up there with this and this. Not only is Junior of Jamaican heritage (he was born in London to Jamaican parents), but quite a few Caribbeans have put their own spin on “Mama” as well:

Junior’s 1982 original. Download here.

Junior performs “Mama Used to Say” on Top of the Pops

The flipside to Shinehead’s classic “Billie Jean” single. Download here.

Yardcore! Download Born Jamericans + Mad Lion’s “Gotta Get Mine.” Download here

Junior’s nephew, British comedian Richard Blackwood updated “Mama” in 2000, spoofing jiggy-era rap videos in the process.

DJ Screw doesn’t have any Caribbean connections that we’re aware of, but this is too good of a find not to include.