Mama Used to Say

May 9, 2010

Words by Jesse Serwer

For my money, British R&B singer Junior Giscombe‘s “Mama Used to Say” is one of the most crucialโ€”and originalโ€”tributes to motherly wisdom, right up there with this and this. Not only is Junior of Jamaican heritage (he was born in London to Jamaican parents), but quite a few Caribbeans have put their own spin on “Mama” as well:

Junior’s 1982 original. Download here.

Junior performs “Mama Used to Say” on Top of the Pops

The flipside to Shinehead’s classic “Billie Jean” single. Download here.

Yardcore! Download Born Jamericans + Mad Lion’s “Gotta Get Mine.” Download here

Junior’s nephew, British comedian Richard Blackwood updated “Mama” in 2000, spoofing jiggy-era rap videos in the process.

DJ Screw doesn’t have any Caribbean connections that we’re aware of, but this is too good of a find not to include.