Mas Decent: Jillionaire, Skerrit Bwoy + More at WMC

March 22, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton (and Jillionaire Juice)

Carnival time is over but festival time is just setting off here in Estados Unidos. While Texas is trying to rush all the freaky people who came down to SXSW out of their state, new tentpoles (and a few stripper poles) are being staked in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. As mentioned repeatedly in this space, Mad Decent is doing a tropical theme for the WMC event they’re keeping and the line up is a rogue’s gallery of people we F with, musically speaking: 77Klash! Jovi Rockwell! Jillionaire Juice! Skerrit Bwoy! Walshy Fire!– and more. A few of those are not just our favorite artists but also favorite people and in some cases, favorite contributors to this site…here’s what Jillionaire had to say about it:


Last year for Winter Music Conference we did the mad mad Saturday night jam with super surprise guest appearances by Baby Cham and Lil Jon. Well it went off so hard Team Decent decided to do a proper tropical jam jam this year on Friday night. I’d like to super officially welcome you all to *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Chicken n Beer!

We are going to be eating chicken and drinking beer and playing songs (three of our favorite things to do, in that order) at a place called BAR (formerly PS14). I might even do a Google Map for you if you play nice. Who’s gonna be playing? Tons of our friends from all over the globe – Isa GT from London, Savage Skulls from Sweden, Skeet Skeet from LA, Walshy Fire from Miami, plus the usual gang of Mad Decent Idiots.

Let’s hang out! – Jillionaire Juice