Original Clarks…Nikes?

January 22, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

The streets are talking about the new Nike Air Macropus shoe, which seems to be a tribute/update to the classic Clark’s Wallabee, the favorite shoe of mic operators from Michigan & Smiley to Ghostface Killah–right down to the marsupial-inspired name (Wallaby>Wallabee, Platypus>Macropus…get it?).

The 21 Mercer store seems to have two colorways in stock; Overcast–a khaki shade in line with the traditional Clarks walkers but fur-lined–and Varsity purple with a multicolored tongue in what looks like a Santa Fe geometric pattern. Both have a more teched-out sole and of course the infamous Nike swoosh.

The purple joints are certainly more nowadays-style but to my eye it looks like a walker designed by a sneaker head ie not necessarily the best marriage. The shag look of the Overcast model, on the other hand, is a nice twist on the original and fur is always a good look for winter–a crucial addition to any Wally champ’s collection.

It remains to be seen, of course, how the shoes will play in the original Clarks stronghold of Jamaica. If shotta clothes can’t wash with no gal underwear, can they rock a shoe called the macro-puss??

Stay tuned…meanwhile, check out more pics at Shimy’s Balboa training camp blog.