Bring a mattress to the party! Skerrit Bwoy gets his spot blown up on Jimmy Kimmel Live…

January 15, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy

So about a year ago (January 09), I ran into Diplo at Santos Party House, he told me about his project, Major Lazer, that was almost complete. but they still needed a few more songs for the album…

Our conversation quickly led to me bringing up my crazy friend from the Bronx with a yellow mohawk, “You know Skerrit Bwoy?!” he cried out, “sure, that’s my dude.” It turned out Diplo was well familiar and definitely a fan. While that conversation also lead to Brooklyn’s own Jahdan, and crossover sensation, Nina Sky, appearing on the Major Lazer album, I also brought Skerrit Bwoy over to Downtown Studios, where Diplo was polishing up ML’s debut, “Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do.”

Major Lazer “Pon De Floor” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Between the amount of press and natural buzz this record (and tour) had, I soon realized a dent had been made into Pop Culture by joining these two forces. Skerrit Bwoy became the face and frontman of Major Lazer, complete with world tours and leading role in the “Pon De Floor” music video (which ended up getting more buzz than ML’s lead single, Hold The Line”) and is ultimately one of the biggest records of the year, largely because the video made such an impact.

Well the other night, comedic actor Aziz Ansari was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and was asked about his recent trip to Japan and Australia. Aziz immediately launches right into recounting some interesting people he met while in Australia, namely, Skerrit Bwoy.

He goes on and on about Skerrit inviting him out to a party and saying, “bring a mattress” which sealed the deal! Then the dances Skerrit was doin’ at the party, like the “delete dem,” and how Skerrit invited him onstage to create his own dance!

I asked Skerrit how he found out they were talking about him on national television and he said his accountant that does his taxes called him up and said, “Skerrit, you’re on Jimmy Kimmel!” Skerrit replied, “no I ain’t, I’m sleeping in my bed!”

Major Lazer Live on Halloween

Skerrit Bwoy on Tru TV!