Reggae Marauders! Nossaโ€™s massive clearance sale

October 30, 2009

Words by DJ Gravy

How many faces can you name on this Reggae Marauders T Shirt? It’s actually a flip of a Native Tongues (extended family) Midnight Marauders T shirt that Absurd put out a few years back…

Also a few years ago, this DJ Duo called Nossa, Sujinho & Kassiano, came out on some Brazilian Baile Funk / Dance music Mashup vibe. They had everyone instantly on smash, Brazilian Booty Bass?! What?!

Their T Shirt line also reached cult status, solidified by a sexy South African model, Bianca Christians, rockin’ an “I Love Baile Funk” Nossa T shirt on the cover of B.P.M. Magazine in April ’06.

Since then Sujinho relocated to Barcelona and Kassiano is split part time between NY & Miami and has been collabin’ with Lil Jon.

But the news just went out that the Nossa headquarters in the (L.E.S. / NYC) is moving and there’s a massive clearance sale going on right now. Only $10 a T Shirt?! These same shirts were in Union and other streetwear boutiques for like $48…

Che Biggie, classic! Click here for link to