Yoga Meets Dub at Jamaica’s Frenchman’s Cove

May 4, 2016


Few places in the world are as serene, calm and peaceful as Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio, Jamaica, where the streams of Portland parish empty out into the Caribbean Sea.

Next month, the yogis behind Miami’s Skylight Yoga Dub Sessions will offer an opportunity to connect with this natural wonder, and yourself, as they lead a four-day, three-night yoga retreat there, from June 16th, through the 19th. Instructors Sujal Sudarshan Patel and Joรซl Karamdeep Brierre will lead participants in the practice of Raj Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation), to a soundtrack of dub selections from DJ Corey Chase.

The retreat is an extension of weekly yoga dub sessions held at Miami’s Wynwood Yard.

“Well the whole thing with dub music is that when you get to the core, the foundation of it all, it is spirit music,” Corey Chase says. “It’s spiritual and thanks giving music. It is also heavily derived from the heartbeat… the pulse of life.”

It seems that more people are tapping into the possibilities in connecting dub/reggae with yoga. Singer Jah-9, a certified yoga instructor, has also put on an “organic rhythm-based experience” she’s dubbed Yoga on Dub, in Kingston and on international dates abroad. Traditional Nyabinghi drumming will also be incorporated into the sessions at the Skylight Yoga Jamaica Retreat.

“Binghi drumming in particular, the tempo just lends itself wonderfully to yogic movement and flow, breathing techniques, etc,” Corey says. “So essentially when you converge the two together you’ve got word, power, sound and poetry in motion.”

The cost of the retreat includesย accommodation for three nights, transfer between the airport and the resort, vegetarian/ital meals, and excursions to other areas of interest. See here for more info.