AUDIO: Noise Cans + Kid DeLuca Remix Buju Banton’s “Champion”

September 4, 2014

Words by LargeUp Crew—


Breakout Bermudian act Noise Cans and Kid De Luca enjoyed heavy Soundcloud traction with their remix of the classic Buju Banton track “Champion.” Now, Noise Cans and their Bad Manor label have partnered with LargeUp to release the remix officially through Legitmix, technology that gets both remixers and the artists they sample credited and paid.

Buju Banton is one of the greatest reggae/dancehall artists of all time. Though he hasn’t released new music in a few years, his influence continues to be felt in a variety of musical genres, including EDM. Buju’s original “Champion” was a massive crossover hit for the Jamaican star in 1995, and was featured on Til Shiloh, one of the definitive LPs of the dancehall era. Noise Cans and Kid DeLuca’s remix updates Buju’s classic for today’s earspace, soaking Buju’s raw vocal delivery in heavy 808 bass drops and dance-inducing snare claps. The Noise Cans x Kid De Luca Remix is being made available on Legitimix with the endorsement of Buju Banton.

Noise Cans, a Bermudian native sound system, is a mashup of Caribbean beats with EDM sounds. Drawing inspiration from Bermuda’s native Gombey mascot, Noise Cans offer up a carnivalesque performance with colorful dancers and intricate masquerade costumes. To support Noise Cans anonymity, front man COLLAS wears a modern interpretation of a traditional Gombey mask. Upcoming commercial releases include collaborations with I-Octane, Nina Sky, Mr. Vegas, Dirtcaps, and Lady Bee. They are signed to Amsterdam-based label Bad Manor. Read LargeUp’s interview with COLLAS here.

Listeners can sample and purchase Noise Cans and Kid De Luca’s “Champion” remix below. If this is your first time using the Legitmix platform, the process is simple. You pay one price for the remix ($1) if you already own the original version of Buju Banton’s “Champion” in your iTunes library; those who don’t own the original can purchase the original and the remix ($2.29) as a bundle.

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