LargeUp Premiere: The Parent Trap’s “Bumbaclot!”

Words by Jesse Serwer


Earlier this summer, we introduced you to The Parent Trap, the new project from Toronto-via-Jamaica’s Melodic Yoza and T-Dot producers YAKOBEAN, The Bass6, and TMB, via a premiere of their debut single “Bad Up.”

The second release off The Parent Trap’s Treehouse EP is “Bumbaclot!!,” and, like their first, it’s a fun, poppy, hip-hop banger heavily laced with Jamaican slang and flavor. This one’s so catchy, our main gripe with is that it goes by too fast. Stream below and, whether you’re patois literate or not, we’re betting you’ll be shouting “Bumbaclot! What a gyal deh!” by the time the track’s 3 minutes are through.