Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Songs with a Melodica

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June 20, 2014

3. Billy Preston- “Will It Go Round In Circles” (1972)

Just as Pablo was beginning his experiments with the melodica in the early ’70s, the instrument turned up in two vastly different, but equally memorable R&B classics: “Will It Go Round In Circles” by Billy Preston, and the Chi-Lites’ “Oh Girl.” In both cases, the melodica was used in a manner similar to that of a harmonica, leading to some confusion over exactly which instrument is being played (Preston’s playing on “Will It Go Round In Circles” has been inaccurately credited to Stevie Wonder online). Lest there be any confusion over what instrument he’s using, Billy brought his melodica to the Johnny Carson Show for a performance on the legendary late-night show seen below. —Jesse Serwer