Sweet T&T: Trinidad & Tobago’s Ten Loveliest Ladies

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Words by Jam Central, Marcha M. Johnson, Jesse Serwer and Tishanna Williams—

Anyone who’s ever been to Trinidad & Tobago knows that these twin islands boast some of the world’s most beautiful women. For a small country few foreigners could find on a map, T&T always does well at international beauty pageants, producing a pair of Miss Universe winners (Janelle Commissiong, in 1977 and Wendy Fitzwilliam in 1998) and a Miss World winner (Giselle Larond, who beat out Halle Berry in 1986) over the years.

What makes Trini women so irresistible? The islands’ unique mixture of African, Spanish, Indian, British, Chinese, French and Carib Indian heritage helps, as does the unmistakeable Trini accent, which regularly ranks high on lists of the world’s sexiest. With Carnival approaching, and Trini gyuls (that’s “girls,” as delivered through that sexy Trini accent) on our mind, we knew we had to gather a list of our favorites.

While we easily could blow your mind with Trinibagonian eye candy, we’ve selected ladies with personal accomplishments to match their beauty. All Top 10 selections were born in T&T; honorable mention selections include foreign-born women of Trini parentage, and a few surprises.

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