Throwback Thursdays: Ten Classic Bob Marley Performances You Can Watch Online

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1. The Wailers – Capitol Records Studio Session Hollywood, CA, October 10, 1973


The Wailers’ first US tour, opening for Sly & the Family Stone following the release of Catch a Fire in 1973, ended abruptly when they were fired by Sly Stone. The story goes that the Wailers were outplaying their better-known American counterparts night after night with the audience chanting “Wail-lers, Wail-lers” well into Sly’s set, much to the fading star’s chagrin. In any case, after being stranded in Las Vegas, the band—which at the time still included Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer—found their way to California, where they performed this rehearsal session at Capitol Records in Hollywood on Oct. 24, 1973. Read more about the Capitol performance and the hear other shows and appearances on the 1973 tour at the extensive Midnight Raver blog.