Toppa Top 10: The Baddest Jamaican Gyals of All-Time

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August 21, 2013

6. Patra


Those long braids. The even longer legs. That tight (typically spandex-clad) body, with breasts and backside in perfect proportion. Bwoy, Patra was hot in the ’90s. Well, nothing much has changed. We found Patra looking as good as ever when we met up with her for our 2011 feature on the long-MIA dancehall star. (Photo evidence above!) In a reflection of her timelessneess, her return has coincided with the resurgence of her trademark “Patra braids,” a style worn by Janet Jackson, among others, in the mid ’90s and, more recently, Solange and Angela Simmons. They can borrow the style, sure, but they can’t have the swagger of the original.