Toppa Top 10: The Baddest Jamaican Gyals of All-Time

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August 21, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer and Tami Tsansai, Photo by Terry O’Neillโ€”


After our sexiest Bajan chicks countdown received so many forwards, we just knew we had to LargeUp our Jamaican ladies in a similar fashion. Problem is the island has produced so many bad gyals over the years, we couldn’t fit all of our favorites on one list. So, today we bring you the baddest Jamaican gyals of all-timeโ€”or more accurately, the hottest well-known public figures from the last three or four decades. (‘Cause if we couldn’t show you pics of these ladies looking properly bad, what would be the point?). Click here to start the countdown, then check our rundown of the baddest Jamaican gyals right now.