Cosby Reggae: Bill Cosby Dances to Black Uhuru on Fallon

April 14, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Cosby The Roots Fallon Black Uhuru

Cosby Show devotees will recall the “Full House” episode from the series’ first season, when Cliff Huxtable walked in on Denise and her new beau “Eddie Lakehart” grooving to Black Uhuru’s “Sponji Reggae.” The scene—specifically Denise and Eddie’s adlibbed lyrics—was memorable enough it earned Lisa Bonet and actor Clayton Prince an honorable mention on our Hollywood’s Top 10 Worst Jamaican Accents countdown from 2011.

The Roots apparently remember the scene, too, as they chose to welcome Cosby to his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance on Wednesday night to the sounds “Sponji Reggae”—complete with the only-on-The-Cosby-Show “Hey Mon” adlibs. A cooperative Cosby obliged, skanking to the groove with Fallon before indulging in some serious footwork and playful interaction with Questlove and Black Thought. Watch the footage—and the original Cosby Show sequence—below. And read our interview with Mykal Rose to see what the Uhuru singer thought of his song being used on Cosby.

Bill Cosby on Fallon