Throwback Thursdays: Melo-X on Tanto Metro & Devonte’s “Everyone Falls In Love”

March 21, 2013

Words by Melo-Xโ€”

Tanto Metro Devonte Everyone Falls in Love

East Flatbush, Brooklyn nativeย Melo-X is a man of many talents; he’s known as a rapper, DJ, producer and for his bold fashions. Raised by Jamaican parents, he’s also a dancehall aficionado and the co- founder of “dance party and global music utopia” Electric Punanny with Jasmine Solano. Tonight the pair will bring the Electric Punanny vibes to Miami as part of LargeUp’s Miami Winter Music Massive with Johnny Osbourne at Blackbird Ordinary. Look out for Melo’s upcoming EP, GOD: LoFI, out soon.

In junior high schoolโ€”Winthrop JHS in Brooklynโ€” I was surrounded by dancehall music on a daily basis. At lunch time, we would go to the top floor of my school and have dance battles. The dances at the time were the bruk up, and the heel & toe. But when we weren’t battling we were having basement parties in the school’s cafeteria. Valentine’s Day was always a big celebration. The lights would go off and every guy would have a girl in the corner dancing until we got kicked out. “Everyone Falls In Love” by Tanto Metro & Devonte was a big tune in those days. I remember watching this video on BCAT (That’s Brooklyn Cable Access TV, for you non-New Yorkersโ€”Ed.), where we would see all of the videos that didn’t get played in the U.S. This would come on right before Flex in Brooklyn, which was a show that featured dance battles being held all over Brooklyn. Watching this takes me right back to 1999…