A Horse By Any Other Name: Meet Usain Colt

July 27, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


The Associated Press is carrying a story this week about a not-so-aptly-named horse called Usain Colt. The thoroughbred which, incidentally, is part-owned by Bolt’s “pal” Prince Harry (or at least Harry is an investor in Ascot Racecourse, which owns Usain Colt) has been racing in England for about a year, but with just one victory to its credit. In other words, Usain Colt is no Usain Bolt.

Still, with the Summer Olympics set to begin in London today, Usain Colt, like Usain Bolt, is making news, as the horse’s handlers try to arrange a meeting between the two Usains. “Usain Bolt is not the easiest person to get a hold of these days, but I’d like to hope that Usain Colt’s chance to meet him after the Olympics would be boosted if the horse wins a race this summer,” said handler Jake Warren. Good luck, Mr. Colt. And good luck, Mr. Bolt, too.